Joan Cobb-Beaumont

Winter at Marble Canyon.

Kootenay National Park, B.C.

​The colours of winter are subtle but magical.

The rich tones of the walls of the ice covered canyon overlay the exposed layers of  rock.

​The cold crisp air & the sparkle of the sunlight on the snow create the feeling of elation. Ah, to be so priviledged to be basking in the beauty of

such  a special place...


A rainbow trout, dragonfly and butterfly shimmer in the sunlight, creating some magic in Fish Creek Prov. Park, Calgary, AB.

This panel is one of many unique art works in this year round public art space called the Artisan Gardens, beside the Ranche House on the east side of the park.

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"Glass has a magical quality, always altered by transmitted and reflected light.

​Interpreting impressions inspired by my environment is a wonderful challenge."

This commission was a birthday gift.

Following several meetings with the client, we chose to use the wild horse as a symbol

to honour the importance of family  and the traits of passion, compassion,

tenacity, strength, dedication & supportiveness.

TITLE: Passion & Compassion 

​SIZE: 19 3/8 x 30 (each panel)

​STATUS: Commission

Passion & Compassion

Aurora borealis swirl above a ridge of mountains west of Cochrane, AB.

Customized bevels are used in this leaded glass panel to create the aurora. As light travels through them, you will see spectrum colours cast into the room.

Joan - "I have fond memories of gazing up into the night sky & being mesmorized by the dancing light of the aurora borealis."


TITLE: Stirring the Spirit 

​SIZE: 29 x 12  


Stirring the Spirit

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TITLE: Shimmer

           (Artisan Garden Fish Creek Prov. Park)

SIZE: 32.5 X 22.5  

STATUS: Available for Sponsorship

TITLE: Icy Canyon

SIZE: 9 x 16 


TITLE: Mesmerized

​SIZE: 24 3/8 x 18 1/2  

​STATUS: For Sale


t:   1-403-286-5047





The intense feeling  as one waits for a trout to take the fly presented on a the fly fishing line...

Here in the richly coloured water of the Grassi Lakes above Canmore, AB.

Joan - "Layering the glass helps me capture the depth of the clear water in this magical place."