SIZE:  32 X 32 

Cosmic Light.

Leaded & copper foiled glass with jewels & custom welded frame.

Cosmic light

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Leaded Glass Panels

Water Falling Dream.

Created for a bedroom to provide privacy while allowing light through.

Leaded glass with jewels.


​Created for a restaurant without use of back lighting.

​Leaded glass.

SIZE:  24 X 10 
STATUS: Commission


SIZE:  22 X 36 

Noah's Rainbow.

Created to commemorate the dedication of a musical director.

​Leaded glass with custom bevels & copper foil overlay.

noah's rainbow

STATUS: Commission

STATUS: Commission

St.Peter's Anglican Church on Maple Lake, Northern Ontario.

Reflecting on a family & their roots.

​Leaded glass with lead & copper foil overlay.

SIZE:  15.5 X 33 

st.peter's anglican church

SIZE:  15 X 25 
STATUS:  For Sale

Buddhist Presence.

​Looking through a wrought iron wall to a distant temple.

Inspired by travels in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Incorporates antique chandelier jewels.

​Leaded glass with copper foil overlay & jewels.

buddhist presence


t:   1-403-286-5047



Through the Maple Leaves.

​Imagine laying beneath a maple tree on a sunny autumn day.

​Layered leaded glass with wire & copper foil overlay.

SIZE:  16 X 12
STATUS: Commission

through the maple leaves

winds of change

Winds of Change.

​McDougall Memorial United Church near Morley was the oldest church in Alberta that was still sitting on its original site. Sadly, it was destroyed by fire in 2017.

Leaded glass with copper foil & wire overlay.


SIZE:  22 X 16
SIZE:  22 X 16

A Vision.

​Looking west through the gates at McDougall Memorial United Church

near Morley, AB.

​Leaded glass with wire overlay.

a vision

​STATUS:  For Sale

"Be sure where you step, step with great care & great tact and remember that life's a great balancing act." Dr.Seuss

For graduating class 2013 of Selkirk Secondary School, Kimberley,B.C.

Leaded  glass with wire overlay.

SIZE:  38.4 X 20.375 
STATUS: Commission

Grad 2013



SIZE:  37.5 X 25.5 

Northern Skyscape.

​Rays of light in a Labrador sky.

​Leaded & etched glass; custom welded frame.

northern skyscape


SIZE:  24.25 X 18.5 

water falling dream

STATUS: Commission


​Captivating reflections.

​Leaded & etched glass; custom welded frame.

STATUS: Commission

cycling logan's pass

STATUS: Commission

Drumheller Skyscape.

​A spiritual sky over Alberta's badlands.

​Leaded glass.

SIZE:  15.5 X 10.625 
STATUS: Commission

SIZE:  22 X 31 
STATUS: Commission

SIZE:  38.75 X 14.5



Cycling Logan's Pass.

The seemingly endless bicycle climb is rewarded by the incredible scenery.

​Leaded glass.

Joan Cobb-Beaumont